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The Deer Hunter

Description: The Deer Hunter Original Movie Poster.

Starred: Robert De Niro

Year: 1978

Condition: Rolled NM C10

Size: 27' by 40' inches

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Director Michael Cimino: Cinematography Vilmos Zsigmond: Robert De Niro: The film won five Academy Awards: Best Picture. Best Director. Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Walken. Exceptional.

Shot in real circumstances the roulettescenes alongside hundreds of rats and buzzing mosquitoes. De Niro, Walken, and Savage were tied in the purposly built bamboo cages along the River Kwai. Casting for the scene was also diffiuclt with many locals refusing the roles, one man found it difficult to strike De Niro in the face. Eventually a man was found who disliked Americans, Walken was struck in the face without script, which enabled his reaction to be true for the screen.

Cimino shot the terrfilying scene with such brilliance and magnitude that it has become one of the most infamous in film history.

De Niro and Savage also did their own stunts falling into the river, a 30-foot drop - there was also live ammunition included in the roulette scene to enhance the situation, a suggestion made by De Niro, as Cazale's character is humilated, Cazale did not protest but checked the gun religiously before each shot was fired from the chamber.

A remarkable film and sort of after poster, in exceptionally rare unfolded condition.

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